Welcome to the Attorney General’s Chambers

The Attorney General’s Chambers is a Government of Montserrat legal entity which serves as the chief legal adviser to the Government of Montserrat. The Attorney General’s Chambers plays a pivotal role in upholding and enhancing the rule of law and strengthening the efficiency and integrity of Montserrat’s legal system. Therefore, the Attorney General’s Chambers contributes to one of the key aspirations of the people of Montserrat: to build a democratic society based on the fundamental ideals of justice and equality.

The Attorney General’s Chambers advises and represents the Government of Montserrat in contentious and non-contentious legal issues in all aspects of public administration law, international law, legislation and law reform.

The Attorney General’s Chambers also drafts the Laws of Montserrat on the instructions of the various Government departments and produces the Revised Edition of the Laws.


The establishment of a legal department with career-building and retention capacity and staffed by highly experienced and motivated legal officers with a conviction for, and commitment to excellence in their legal service delivery to the Government and the people of Montserrat.


The provision high quality, timely and comprehensive legal service to the Government of Montserrat and related satellites.

Collaboration with Government to ensure a just and law abiding society with an accessible, fair and efficient system of justice, and to promote respect for rights and freedoms, the law and the constitution.


The Attorney General’s Chambers performs a wide range of functions, but is principally engaged in the:

  • provision of legal advice to the Governor, Ministers, Ministries and Departments of Government, Statutory Organisations;
  • representation of Government, its Ministries and Departments in all civil proceedings by or against the Government;
  • drafting of all primary and subsidiary legislation;
  • participation in national, regional and international initiatives and negotiations, on behalf of the Government of Montserrat;
  • advising on and drafting of commercial agreements and contracts to which the Government of Montserrat is a party; and
  • participation in and supporting the work of the Cabinet and the Legislative Assembly.