The Acts listed below are primary pieces of legislation passed by the Legislative Assembly. Periodically, the Acts in force in Montserrat are subjected to a law revision. Law revision is a process by which the entire Statute Book of Montserrat is revised and consolidated up to a particular date, known as the cut-off date. No changes are made to the substance of the laws; the laws are merely reproduced to enable convenient access to all the laws as at the cut-off date. The last cut-off date was 1st January 2019. Therefore the authoritative version of the laws of Montserrat passed up to 1st January 2019 is the ‘Revised Edition of the Laws, showing the laws as at 1st January 2019’.  Any law passed after 1st January 2019 is not incorporated in the ‘Revised Edition of the Laws showing the laws as at 1st January 2019’.

Part A of this page sets out the laws that form part of the Revised Edition of the Laws and Part B of this page sets out the laws passed after  1st January 2019 (the last revision date).

Part A

The Acts that form part of the Revised Laws are as follows:


Administration of Estates

Administrative Cost Recovery Provisions Act

Advertisements Regulation Act

Agricultural Small Holdings Act

Agriculture Act

Animals (Control of Experiments) Act

Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act

Animals (Trespass and Pound) Act

Antibiotics and Therapeutic Substances Act

Arbitration Act

Aviation Act


Bank Interest Levy Act

Bankers Books (Evidence) Act

Banking Act

Bankruptcy Act

Beach Protection Act

Bill of Sale Act

Bills of Exchange Act

Bills of Lading Act

British Nationality (Fees Offences Penalties) Act

Building Societies Act

Burials Grounds Act


Cadavers (Importation) Act

Cadet Corp Act

Caribbean Development Bank Act

Caribbean Examinations Council Act

Caribbean Organisations Acts

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

Central Library Act

Child Abduction and Custody Act

Children (Care and Adoption) Act

Civil Procedure Act

Commissioners for Oaths Act

Commissions of Inquiry Act

Community Service Orders Act

Companies Act

Company Management Act

Complaints Commission Act

Condominium Act

Confidential Information Act

Conservation and Environmental Management Act

Constitution of Montserrat

Consular Conventions Act

Consular Relations Act

Contempt of Court Act

Convention of Migratory Species Act

Co-operative Societies Act

Copyright Act

Coroners Act

Costs in Criminal Cases Act

Criminal Justice (Intl Co-operation) Act

Criminal Procedure Code

Crown Proceedings Act

Crown Title Act

Cruise Ship Tax Act

Customs (After Hours Work) Act

Customs (Control and Management) Act

Customs Duties and Consumption Tax Act


Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Act

Dogs Act

Distribution and Price of Goods Act

Disaster Preparedness and Response Act

Diplomatic Privileges Act

Development Bonds Act

Derelict Motor Vehicles Disposal Act

Defence Force Act

Debtors Act


Extradition Act

External Trade Act

Exportation of Fruit Act

Exportation of Arms and Warlike Stores Act

Explosives Act

Exchange of Information Act

Exchange Control Act

Evidence Act

Essential Services Act

Entertainment Tax Act

Endangered Animals and Plants Act

Emergency Powers

Embarkation Tax Act

Electronic Transactions Act

Electrical Installations Act

Electoral Commission Act

Elections Act

Education Act

ECSC (Rate of Pension of Judges) Act

Eastern Caribbean Magistrates Agreement Act

Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank Agreement Act

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Act

Eastern Caribbean Asset Management Act


Family (Protect against Domestic Violence) Act

Fatal Accidents Act

Fire and Rescue Service Act

Firearms Act

Fiscal Incentives Act

Fisheries Act

Foreign Currency Levy Act

Forfeited Recognizances Act

Forfeiture Act

Fraudulent Dispositions Act

Friendly Societies Act

Fumigation of Plants Act


Golden Years Foundation Act

Government Housing Loans Act

Governors Salary and Allowance Act

Guardianship of Infants Act

Harbour Master Act

Hotels Aid Act

Hotels Tax Act

Housing Act


Immigration Act

Income and Incorporation Tax Act

Info-communications Act

Institute of Chartered Accountant Act

Insurance Act

Insurance Levy Act

Integrity in Public Office Act

International Banking and Trust Companies Act

International Business Companies Act

Interpretation Act

Intestates Estates Act


Judgments Act

Jury Act

Juveniles Act


Labour Code

Land Acquisition Act

Land Adjudication Act

Land Survey Act

Landholding Control Act

Legal Profession Act

Legislators Conditions of Service Act

Libel and Slander Act

Licensing of Utility Services Act

Limitation Act

Limited Liability Company Act

Limited Partnership Act

Liquor Licence Act

Loans (Caribbean Development Bank) Act


Magistrates Court Act

Maintenance of Children Act

Maintenance Orders Act

Marriage Act

Married Women Property Act

Matrimonial Proceedings Act

Medical Act

Mental Treatment Act

Merchandise Marks Act

Merchant Shipping Act

Micro and Small Business Act

Milk Act

Minerals (Vesting) Act

Money Services Business Act

Montserrat Arts Council Act

Montserrat Community College Act

Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services (Enabling)

Montserrat Development Finance and Market Corp Act

Montserrat Land Development Authority Act

Montserrat National Trust Act

Montserrat Scholarship Act

Montserrat Utility Ltd (MUL) Act

Montserrat Volcano Observatory Act

Montserrat Youth Trust Act

Motor Vehicles Insurance 3rd Party Risks Act

Mutual Fund Act

Mutual Legal Assistance (USA) Act


National Honours and Awards Act

National Services Act

Newspaper Surety Act

Notaries Public Act

Nuclear Safeguards Act

Nurses and Midwife Act


Oaths Act


Official Oaths Act


Parcels Tax Act

Parole of Prisoners Act

Partition Act

Partnership Act

Patents Act

Pawnbrokers Act

Payment System Act

Penal Code

Pensions Act

Pesticides Control Act

Petroleum Act

Physical Planning Act

Piers and Wharves Act

Plan of Arrange (Bianco and Clico) Act

Plant Protection Act

Police Act

Port Authority Act

Port Dues Act

Port Security Charge Act

Post Office Act

Prevention of Crime Act

Prison Act

Probates (Resealing) Act

Probation of Offenders Act

Proceeds of Crime Act

Prohibition of Imports (Infected Places) Act

Property Tax Act

Public Authorities Protection Act

Public Finance Management and Accountability Act

Public Health Act

Public Holidays Act

Public Order Act

Public Service Act


Quarantine Act


Race Relations Act

Radio-Active Minerals Act

Real Estate Agents Registration Act

Receivers of Wreck Act

Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgements Act

Recognition of Trusts Act

Registered Land Act

Registration and Records Act

Registration of Births and Death Act

Registration of Building and Civil Engineering Contracting Undertakings Act

Registration of Business Names Act

Registration of Clubs Act

Registration of Records Act

Registration of UK Patents Act

Revised Edition Act

Revised Treaty of Basseterre establishing the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Economic Union Act

Rewards for Apprehension of Criminals Act

Road Traffic Act

Roads Act


Sale of Goods Act

Savings Bank Act

Securities Act

Settled Estates Act

Shops Regulation Act

Small Tenements Act

Social Security Act

Social Welfare Act

Spanish Point Subdivision (Development) Act

Stamp Act

Statistics Act

Status of Children Act

Supreme Court Act


Tax Compliance Certificate Act

Tax Information Exchange Act

Telecommunications Service (Tax) Act

Tonnage Duties Act

Tourist Board Act

Trade Disputes (Arbitration and Disputes) Act

Trade Licenses Act

Trade Marks Act

Treasury Bills Act

Trust Act

Trust Corp (Probate and Admin) Act

Trustees Relief Act

Turtles Act


UK Designs (Protection) Act

UK Forces (Jurisdiction of Courts) Act

Underground Water Act

Undesirable Persons Expulsion Act

United Nations Personnel Act

Universities and Colleges (Licensing and Accreditation) Act


Vaccination Act

Volcano Relief Fund Act


Wills Act

Wrecks Inquiries Act

Weights and Measures Act

Workmens’ Compensation Act

Part B

The Acts passed after 1st January 2019 (the last revision date) are as follows:

Laws Passed in 2018

Laws Passed in 2019

Laws Passed in 2020