Omitted Laws

Omitted Laws are laws which are excluded from the Revised Edition of the Laws (see ‘Acts’ Tab) by the Law Revision Commissioner, in accordance with the broad powers under section 6(a) of the Revised Edition of the Laws Act to omit from the Revised Edition legislation that is inoperative, obsolete, expired, spent or has had its effect.


Agricultural Loan (Christian Action for Development in the Caribbean)

Aliens Restriction Ordinance



Bethel Apostolic Assembly Church Incorporation and Vesting Act

British Caribbean Shipping Agreement


Cadet Corps Act

Cadet Corps Regulations

Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institution Act 1980

Caribbean Free Trade Association (Ratification of Agreement) Act

Cinematograph Ordinance 1959

Charitable Trust of Montserrat (Hurricane Relief) Act

Citrate of Lime Ordinance , 1907

Colony Survey Ordinance

Constitution & Election (Validation)

Conveyancing and Law of Property

Convicts Licenses Act

Cotton (Levy) Ordinance

Cotton Export Ordinance

Cotton Marketing Ordinance

Cotton Planting (Regulation) Ordinance

Cotton Protection Ordinance

Cotton Purchasing and Marketing 1974-75

Cotton Seed Control

Cotton Tax (Government Purchases)

Cotton Traffic Ordinance


Denominational School Teachers Pension Ordinances


East Caribbean Common Market (Ratification of Agreement) Act



General Loan and Stock Ordinance

General Local Loan Ordinance


Joseph William Bass (Pension ) Act


Labourers Medical Attendance Ordinance

Legal Officer (Appointment, Dismissal and Disciplinary Control)

Leprosy Ordinance

Lime Sellers Ordinance

Loans (Caribbean Development Bank) Ordinance 1974

Loans (Purchase of Aircraft) (Royal Bank of Canada) (Amendment) Act

Loans (Trinidad and Tobago Oil Facility) Act


Manufacture of Preserves Ordinance

Marriage (Validation) Ordinance

Mary Ann Elizabeth Fenton (Pension) Act

Matrimonial Causes (War Marriages) Act

Merchant Seamen’s Discipline Act

Montserrat Company Limited and Others Amalgamation Act

Montserrat Computer Studies Foundation Act

Montserrat Cotton Growers Association Ordinance


Old Metal and Marine Stores Ordinance

Ordinance (Authentication) Act

Passengers (Unseaworthy Ships) Ordinance

Passengers Ordinance

Pilgrim Holiness Church Incorporation

Plymouth Improvement

Production Protection

Prohibition of Imports (Infected Places) Ord.

Public Health

Public Notices Act

Public Offices Ordinance

Public Roads Survey Ordinance


Queen’s Seamen’s Clothing Act


Recovery of Rent Act

Regional Development Agency Agreement Act

Roman Catholic Church Incorporation and Vesting Act

Rum (Refund of Duty) Ordinance

Rum Duty Ordinance

Rum Duty Regulations

Rural District Boards Ordinance


Safety Match Ordinance

Sale of Meat (Plymouth) Ordinance

Silver Dollars Act

Slaughter of Animals Ordinance

Statute Law (Repeal) (Federal Enactments) Acts

Sturge Park Ordinance


Tariff Collection Ordinance

Textiles Quota Act

Textiles Quota Regulations

Thompson Field Sports Complex (Loan) Act

Title by Registration (Webbs Land) Ordinance


Water Rates (Enabling) Ordinance

Wesleyan Methodist (Vesting of Property) Ordinance

White Phosphorus Matches Prohibition Ordinance

Will (Soldiers and Sailors) Act