Hon. Attorney General

The Honourable Attorney General for the Island of Montserrat, ………., is an ex officio member of the Legislative Assembly and attends meetings of Cabinet and the Legislative Assembly.

The Honourable Attorney General is the legal adviser to the Crown and the Government of Montserrat…….is also responsible for the drafting of Government legislation.

The Legal Department deals with civil matters for the Government of the Montserrat. It also provides legal advice to Government Departments and Statutory Boards.

Our Mission Statement

To provide high quality, timely and comprehensive legal service to the Government of Montserrat and related satellites, to collaborate with Government to ensure a just and law abiding society with an accessible, fair and efficient system of justice, and to promote respect for rights and freedoms, the law and the Constitution.

Our Vision Statement

The establishment of a Legal Department with career-building and retention capacity and staffed by highly trained, highly experienced and motivated officers with a conviction for and commitment to excellence in their legal service delivery to the Government and the people of Montserrat.

Staff and Email Address

  • ……. – Hon. Attorney General
  • Sheree Jemmotte-Rodney – Principal Crown Counsel (Civil & Commercial) - jemmottes@gov.ms
  • Ameila H Daley- Senior Crown Counsel (Civil & Commercial) - daleya@gov.ms
  • Dara Modeste – Parliamentary Counsel (Legislative Drafting Unit)- Modested@gov.ms
  • Karen Reid – Senior Legal Advisor (Civil & Commercial) – ReidK@gov.ms
  • Cilma Wade – Crown Counsel (Civil & Commercial) – wadecds@gov.ms -  Study Leave
  • Cedrica Shiell – Crown Counsel (Civil & Commercial)-  shiellc@gov.ms
  • Jamiel Greenaway– Crown Counsel (Legislative Drafting) – greenawayjm@gov.ms
  • Mrs. Sherasmus Evelyn- Administrative Cadet( Legislative Drafting Unit)- HarrisS@gov.ms – Study Leave
  • Merlita Thompson – Legal Assistant (Finance & Administration) – thompsonm@gov.ms
  • Treisha Francis – Senior Clerical Officer -francist@gov.ms
  • Vanessa Mark - Clerical Officer  -markv@gov.ms
  • Jennifer Winspeare – Office Attendant -winspearej@gov.ms

Legal Department Email Address – legal@gov.ms