Attorney General

The Attorney General’s Chambers is headed by the Attorney General. The Attorney General is the principal legal adviser to the Government of Montserrat and is therefore responsible for providing legal advice to the Government of Montserrat. For this reason, the Attorney General cannot render legal advice to anyone other than the Government of Montserrat and its satellites.

The Attorney General is an ex officio member of the Cabinet and the Legislative Assembly and attends meetings of the Cabinet and the Legislative Assembly. Further, when the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is vacant, the Attorney General also performs the functions of that office.

The functions of Civil and Commercial Unit and the Legislative Drafting Unit are carried out under the supervision of the Attorney General.

Legislative Drafting Unit

The Legislative Drafting Unit is generally responsible for translating the policies of the Government and statutory bodies into clear and effective legislation.  In particular, the functions of the Legislative Drafting Unit include:

a)   drafting Legislation, including Acts, Regulations, Rules, Orders, Proclamations and preparing other legal documents of a general nature as required by the Government of Montserrat.

b)  advising the Government of Montserrat on statutory interpretation, constitutional and administrative law issues, proposed legislation, law reform and the legal implications of treaties and conventions;

c)  representing the Government of Montserrat locally, regionally and internationally in matters involving draft legislation, constitutional and other civil issues;

d)  addressing issues raised by members Legislative Assembly and preparing Committee Stage amendments to draft bills on the floor of the Legislative Assembly; and

e)  representing the Government in international initiatives which have an impact on domestic law, such as: the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) and the Exchange of information for Tax Purposes.

 Civil and Commercial Unit

The Civil and Commercial Unit is generally responsible for providing legal advice to the Government of Montserrat as well as representing the Government in civil litigation. The Civil and Commercial Unit also drafts agreements to be entered into on behalf of the Government. The functions of the Civil and Commercial Unit also include:

a)      processing and handling requests for assistance with Mutual Legal Assistance;

b)     representing the Government in court proceedings instituted by or against the  Government;

c)      representing the Government in negotiations and dispute resolution hearings; and

e)      drafting, vetting and enforcing contracts and legal documents.

 Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit ensures the efficient operation of the Attorney General Chambers by providing administrative assistance to legal officers.

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Attorney General’s Chambers

Valley View

P.O Box 129

Brades Montserrat, MSR1110

Telephone: 1(664) 491- 4686/5180

Facsimile: 1(664) 491- 4687

Email: legalmail@gov.ms

Website: www.agc.gov.ms

                                                         ATTORNEY GENERAL



Email Address

Sheree Jemmotte-Rodney

Hon. Attorney General


                                                DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL

*Position filled

Deputy Attorney General


                                                     LEGISLATIVE DRAFTING UNIT


Parliamentary Counsel


Jamiel Greenaway

Senior Crown Counsel


Sherasmus Evelyn

Crown Counsel


Akelia Rigsby

Legal Assistant


                                               CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL UNIT

Renee Morgan

Principal Crown Counsel


Amelia Daley

Senior Crown Counsel



Senior Crown Counsel


Cedricia Shiell

Crown Counsel



Crown Counsel


                                                        ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT

Merlita Thompson

Legal Assistant (Admin/Finance)


Vanessa Mark

Senior Clerical Officer


Nickyra Hickson

Clerical Officer


Jennifer Winspeare

Office Attendant